GIF Party is a goofy little app I developed to learn some JavaScript to complement my Python.

If you'd like to see all the code, it's available on Github: Python back end.

How It Works

A Python script scrapes a large number of GIF-focused subreddits, extracts GIF URLs according to some pre-set conditions, and places them into a central repository file.

When using the GIF Party viewer URLs are pulled from the file according to user specifications and are then transmitted back to the client-side JavaScript as part of a JSON object. Once the data is receieved the GIF URLs are placed inside img tags and the JavaScripts go to work on them to create the animations and stylings.

Notes On Using GIF Party


Although I only scrape SFW subreddits and aggressively weed out questionable GIFs, there is still a chance that you'll come across something offensive. You've been warned!


The GIF is a truly inefficient image format. Some GIFs are extremely large, and I immediately discard GIFs over 6MBs in my initial scrape. That said, loading 20 GIFs on screen is going to push some bandwidth.

The default setting of 10 GIFs on screen will consume roughly 20 MB of data, and 20 GIFs will consume approximately 50MB. Depending on your auto-refresh setting these totals can really start to add up, so please be aware if you are data-capped.